New website

Welcome to my new website!

I seem to have a new website every couple of years – I like having a portfolio site. It’s where I get to play with some things. For some inexplicable reason, faced with unemployment and then global lockdown, I decided I would play with creating my own WordPress theme.

It’s not perfect.

It’s taken a while.

But it’s been worth it.

Most websites I have been involved in use WordPress – it powers most of the web according to them (of course they would say that), and it can do a lot! It seemed to make sense to take that one step further and actually design and build my own theme for a new website. As a result, it’s given me something to do on my “work” days when I’m not looking after our daughter while my partner is working (She’s NHS, I’m very proud but very worried about all this stuff going on).

So what have a learnt?

  • Design to code is actually pretty simple
  • Not all browsers were created equally – testing is important and you still might not get everything
  • WordPress gives you lots of options – it can be tough to keep it focussed
  • I love/hate coding

I also wanted to look at a new website differently to how I have done in the past. I’ve always had a portfolio site. But I wanted to do a bit more of… well… this. Writing about stuff. Not necessarily design stuff. The me stuff.

I’m a bit of a magpie for interests. so I wanted to talk about those some more, the kind of projects I’d like to be involved in, books I’ve read and even try to squeeze out some academic writing.

Don’t ask me why, I get these whims.

So here it is, a new website (did I mention that – SEO and all that 😉 )

Now I’ll spend a year changing my mind and making a new iteration…