June 2020 Bookshelf

Wilding - June 2020 Bookshelf


Isabella Tree

Fascinating read that takes you on a journey with the Knepp estate as it rewilds. Introducing rewilding concepts and the changes that brings about, which in turn brings in new species and processes.

The Long War - June 2020 Bookshelf

The Long War

Terry Pratchtt and Stephen Baxter

Parallel Earths open up and events unfold within many worlds. Many threads weaving through this – currently on The Long War and really enjoying how it is unfolding!

The End of Protest - June 2020 Bookshelf

End of Protest

Micah White

I read this one a while ago but it seems apt for the current climate. Written by Micah White who was behind the Occupy Movement, it picks apart protest and analyses where it fails, and why – and where it should go in the future.