Goodbye 22Create

Back in March 2019 I joined 22Create. It was a bit of a leap from a great job at Wilmington plc with some great colleagues who had become like family into the unknown – with less pay to get the company swinging.

Why make the leap?

I wanted to be closer to my family after the birth of my daughter.
They did the kind of work I wanted to do.
I liked who they were doing it for.
I wanted to work with the people.

For me it was a no brainer – worth the trade off.

By November and my daughters first birthday it had become home and Martin, Dani, and Chiara had become my new work family. I was excited about Kristen joining, after knowing of her work through Wilmington and LinkedIn.

Now, after the tragic death of Martin, we are sad to say 22Create will not be continuing as a business. We will be fulfilling work that is underway and looking after clients in any transitions that need to take place over the coming weeks.

I will be looking for new opportunities, picking up new clients, and providing extra support to our previous clients in the coming weeks. Please email with any requests.